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SVR11 game2d.pac ID by Fire Max Empty SVR11 game2d.pac ID by Fire Max

on Thu May 02, 2019 10:10 am
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game2d.pac ids
List by Fire Max (Credit him if you copied it or used it)
*There's a file which includes menu boxes while pausing but he forgot it...

Fire Max wrote:00:
00 - While pinning your opponent textures (R to cancel)
01 - WWE Live logo
04 - Medicine hold logo
06 - Finisher,Signture,Breaking the cell door... logos
07 - Pin logo
09 - Ignore,release, hold (while submission with your opponent holding the rope logos)
0A - Ring Escape logo
0B - Winning by pinfall,First blood..etc template
0C - Ignite logo
0D - Finisher and Signture logos
0E - Rope Break logo
0F - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 logos
12 - First Blood texture (while pressing O to make your oppnent bleed)
13 - Same as 06 with Kip up and Move thief logos
15 - Hold logo (Maybe while subission logo)
1B - Wedge,lean and stack logo (Probably for the ladder)
1C - Same as above
1D - Action logo (Probably for moves with the chair)
1E - Same as 1B & 1C
1F - A ball with a net on it and other texture (Probably for online mode)
21 - Buttons logos (Triangle,Circle...etc)
5A - Have some strange logos (X2,X3,WM 26 logo, WWE Universe mode logo,S and F logo...etc)

00 - Font and some logos

includes a yobj file (idk what is it for)

00 - The same line which appears on menu while universe mode is on
01 - The indicator of the menu boxes
02 - Attenion box (saving and loading box)
04 - The lights on the line in 00
5A - Abillity logos and some other logos on the line in 00

00 - The WWE logo which appears for few seconds when you exit the game or when you start it
01 - SVR 2011 logo (Idk where is it located in the game)

A strange file (contains some pacs but Unable to open)

00 - Stope at max logo (steel cage match)
01 - Escape logo (steel cage match)
5A - A line with a cell on it (Idk what is it but probably another texture in the steel cage match)

00 - Reach,hold,pull logos (Ladder Match)

00 - Hot tag with a triangle logo (tag matches)
06 - Tag logo and other texture (tag matches)

00 - Royal Rumble plate where the countdown appears with numbers
01 - Elimination Chamber plate where the countdown appears with numbers
5A - Nameplate for the Royale Rumble match (where superstar's name appear with his number)

Unknown file

5A - DEMO logo (Never saw it in the game)

5A - Weapon wheel selection textures (Extreme Rules match)

00 - Some brown textures and a line texture (Idk what are they)
09 - Tag logo
0B - Press to drag logo
5A - Black numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)

Same Texture as 09

01 - Some stars logos (5 Stars Match)
5A - Another Star texture
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SVR11 game2d.pac ID by Fire Max Empty Re: SVR11 game2d.pac ID by Fire Max

on Thu May 02, 2019 12:33 pm
Damn, nice one!!
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